Our Story


As a retirement project, Ken Hilty had decided to learn to play an instrument.  After listening to some favorite songs from his misspent youth, he heard the bass guitar speaking to him.  His simple goal was to be able to play along with his favorites pretending he was in the band.   

After two years of lessons, his awesome instructor (Jim Bachety - Port Royal Music Academy) suggested that the best way to improve would be to get in a band.  At 70, this seemed like a silly idea, but he began to seek out fellow Callawassie Island residents and not only did he find all the parts he was looking for, but they were all amazingly talented. 

Terry and Mike played in bands through school, but not since.  Nancy had been an accompanist, but never in a band playing a variety of parts.  Wendy had years of vocal training and choir experience, but singing "....ride, Sally, ride" was totally new.  The same was true for Pam who had years of choir experience.  Rich was discovered to have perfect pitch, but had never sang in public.  After months of practice, we debuted in September, 2018 to a rollicking crowd of over 200 who danced and sang the night away.  Now with a couple of years and more successful concerts under our belt the "Hipsters" are ready to take our show to your event!

Above From Left To Right:

  • Pam Minton - Vocals and Percussion 
  • Wendy Hilty - Vocals and Percussion
  • Rich Segally - Lead Vocals 
  • Mike Berry - Drums
  • Ken Hilty - Bass Guitar
  • Nancy Sinick - Keyboards and Vocals 
  • Terry Bowditch - Lead Guitar 


If it looks and sounds like we are having the time of our lives...it's because we are.” - the Artificially Hip Oldies Band